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Accepted Papers

(24)       + Artificial Intelligence

Paper Title Authors Country
Using temporal formalisms to support organizational creativity Prof. Maria Mach-Król, Poland
Multi ObjectsTracking in Nighttime Traffic Scenes Dr. Mohamed Taha, Prof. Hala H. Zayed, Prof. Taymoor Nazmy, Prof. Mohamed E. Khalifa, Egypt
New Selection Schemes for Particle Swarm Optimization Mr. Mohammad Shehab, Prof. Ahamad Tajudin, Dr. Mohammed Al-Betar, Malaysia
Knowledge Acquisition for Developing Knowledge-Base of Diabetic Expert System Mr. Ibrahim Ali, Sudan
Solving Nurse Rostering Problem Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Dr. Bolaji Asaju, La'aro, Dr. Mohammed Awadallah, Dr. Mohammed Al-Betar, Prof. Ahamad Tajudin, Nigeria
PILGRIM TRACKING AND IDENTIFICATION Miss. malak Abdelazeez, Prof. Adnan Shaout Shaout, Saudi Arabia
Hierarchical Singular Value Decomposition for Halftone Images Prof. Roumen Kountchev, Dr. Roumiana Kountcheva, Bulgaria
The Rise of the Robotic Judge in Modern Court Proceedings Miss. Henriette Nakad-Weststrate, Dr. Ton Jongbloed, Dr. Jaap van den Herik, Prof. Abdel-Badeeh Salem, Netherlands
Design of rectangular microstrip antenna with rectangular aperture in the ground plane using artificial neural networks Dr. Siham Benkouda, Prof. Tarek Fortaki, Dr. Sami Bedra, Dr. Abdelkrim Belhedri, Algeria
Design and Implementation of Two Degree of freedom Proportional Integral Derivative Controller Dr. raaed hassan, Iraq
Experiments with Simulated Humanoid Robots Prof. Hans-Dieter Burkhard, Germany
Dynamic Frames-Based Generation of Web 2.0 Applications Dr. Tihomir Orehovački, Dr. Ivan Magdalenić, Prof. Danijel Radošević, Croatia
Unsupervised Classification of Mobile Device Images Miss. Jocelin Rosales, Dr. Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco, Mr. Luis Javier Garcia Villalba, Mexico
Distributed 3D Object Recognition System Using Smartphones Mr. Mostafa Labib, Mr. Omar El-gendy , Mr. Mohamed Farouk, Egypt
A Survey on Digital Image Steganography Dr. Zaid Al-Omari, Prof. Ahmad Al-Taani , Jordan
COMPUTER VISION APPLIED TO ROAD LINES RECOGNITION USING MACHINE LEARNING Mr. Cesar Hernan Rodriguez Garavito, Mr. Aurelio Ponz, Mr. Fernando García, Mr. Arturo de la Escalera, Mr. J.M Armingol, Spain
Combining ICA Representations for Recognizing Faces Dr. Ashraf Maghari, Palestine
Modeling and Design of Anisotropic Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Neurospectral Computation Approach Dr. Sami BEDRA, Prof. Tarek Fortaki, Miss. Randa BEDRA, Prof. Abderraouf Messai, Algeria
Bridging the gap between Modeling of Mobile Agent-based Systems and Semantic Web using Meta-modeling and Graph Grammars Dr. Aissam Belghiat, Mr. Allaoua Chaoui, Prof. Ali Al-Dahoud, Algeria
Artificial Bee Colony Based Focus Fusion Prof. Veysel Aslanrtas, Mr. Ahmet Nusret Toprak, Turkey
Ontology-based knowledge recognition in service-oriented virtual research environments Dr. Anatoly Gladun, Dr. Julia Rogushina, Prof. Jeanne Schreurs, Ukraine
Particle Swarm Optimization Based Discrete Cosine Transform for Person Identification by Gait Recognition Miss. Shahlla AbdAlKader, Dr. Omaima Al-Allaf, Iraq
Supporting Arabic Sign Language Recognition with Facial Expressions Dr. Eid Emary, Prof. Hesham El Mahday, Miss. Ghada Dahy Fathy, Egypt

(3)       + Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Paper Title Authors Country
Comparison between X-Ray Radiography Image Fusion Algorithms Used in Medical Applications Dr. Ibraheem Fayed, Dr. Mohamed El Tokhy, Saudi Arabia
Detecting patients with Parkinson’s disease using PLP and VQ Mr. ACHRAF BENBA, Mr. Abdelilah Jilbab, Mr. Ahmed Hammouch, Morocco
Software for Reaction-Time Measurement and its Application for the Evaluation of Patient's Recovery after the Stroke Dr. Mirjana Dejanović, Prof. Igor Dejanović, Serbia

(4)       + Cloud Computing

Paper Title Authors Country
SwiftEnc: Hybrid Cryptosystem with Hash-Based Dynamic Key Encryption Mr. Yasir Alagl, Dr. El-Sayed El-Alfy, Saudi Arabia
Proposed Evaluation Criteria for Selecting Appropriate Cloud Based On-Demand CRM for SMEs Miss. Musarat Mujawar, India
ENSURING SMART GRID DATA SECURITY AT CLOUD DATA CENTRES Dr. Venkataramana Kanaparti, Mr. E.Chaitanya Krishna, Dr. Sulaiman AlMuhteb , Mr. sai krishna, India
Consistency tradeoffs on distributed multi-datacentric systems: SCOLCH theorems Mr. Balla Wade Diack, Mr. Yahya Slimani, Senegal

(12)       + Computer Networks and Communications

Paper Title Authors Country
Analyzing Optimal Setting Of Reference Point Group Mobility Model Using DSR Protocol In MANETS Dr. Nasser Ali Husieen, Dr. Mohammad M. Rasheed, Iraq
Quantum information technology: novel way for increase of sensory systems capability Dr. Paata J. Kervalishvili, Georgia
The effect of using channel equalizer in the SDR Modem Mr. Sabah Hussein, Miss. raghad alnajjar, Iraq
Cost Efficient Fast Autonomous Reconfiguration System in Wireless Mesh Networks Miss. N.N.Krishnaveni Prabhakar, Dr. K.Chitra manikandan, India
Parameter Analysis for Clustering in MANET in disaster scenarios Miss. preetha siva, Dr. K.Chitra manikandan, India
Extending OpenFlow in Virtual Networks Miss. Lorena Isabel Barona López, Mr. Ángel Leonardo Valdivieso Caraguay, Mr. Luis Javier Garcia Villalba, Ecuador
An Overview of Integration of Mobile Infrastructure with SDN/NFV Networks Mr. Ángel Leonardo Valdivieso Caraguay, Miss. Lorena Isabel Barona López, Mr. Luis Javier Garcia Villalba, Ecuador
Impacts of Node Clustering in Power Consumption in WSN Dr. Ghassan Samara, Miss. Ala'a Makableh, Jordan
Application Layer Protocols to Protect Electronic Mail from Security Threads Dr. Ghassan Samara, Miss. Arwa Husien , Jordan
Frequency Assignment for Cellular Mobile Systems Using a Memetic Algorithm Mr. Abdelkader tounsi, Dr. Malika babes, Algeria
WSN for AIR quality Monitoring in Annaba City Dr. Mohamed FEZARI, Prof. Ali Al-Dahoud, Algeria
Complex Adaptive WSNs for Polluted Environment Monitoring

(12)       + Computers and Networks Security

Paper Title Authors Country
Enhancing Intrusion Detection System (IDS) by Using Honeybee Concepts and Framework
On The Improvement of the Tri-Way Pixel Value Differencing Steganography Algorithm Miss. Nada Mahmoud Aboueata, Miss. Sara Yaqoob Al-Rasbi, Miss. Wafa Ahmed Al Al-Jaal, Prof. Jihad Mohamad ALJAAM, Qatar
Secure Data Sharing Polices and Architecture Preserving Privacy Miss. Sanaa Sarahneh, Dr. Radwan Tahboub, Palestine
Groebner Bases and Coding Prof. Thomas Risse, Germany
Hide image in image based on LSB Replacement and Arnold Transform
Finger-Knuckle-Print identification System Using Hidden Markov Model and Discret Cosine Transform Dr. AbdAllah Meraoumia, Prof. Salim Chitroub, Prof. Ahmed Bouridane, Algeria
A Suggested Algorithm of Recommender System to Recommend crawled-Web Open Educational Resources to Course Management System Dr. Jamil Itmazi, Mr. Haytham Hijazi, Palestine
Temperature Aware Design for High Performance Processors Mr. Mustafa M. MUSTAFA, Dr. Muhammed A. IBRAHIM, Mr. Diary R. SULAIMAN, Iraq
Image Watermarking using DC Component of DCT Dr. Rifat Kurban, Mr. Hakki Bozpolat, Mr. Florenc Skuka, Turkey
A New Model for Pre-analysis of Network Traffic Using Similarity Measurement Dr. Mohammad Almousa, Miss. Enas Al-Utrakchi, Jordan
A New Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol Prof. Kamal ElDahshan, Dr. Emad Masameer, Egypt
The Generalised Secured Mobile Payment System Based on ECIES and ECDSA Mr. Ehab Alkhateeb, Dr. Mohammad A. Alia, Dr. Adnan A. Hnaif, Jordan

(7)       + Database and Data Mining

(9)       + E-Technology

Paper Title Authors Country
Novel Review of Electronic Government Stages among Different Continents Dr. Munadil Faaeq, Mr. Alaa K Faieq, Dr. Mohammad M. Rasheed, Iraq
Predictors of Mobile Learning Adoption The Case of Universiti Teknologi MARA Dr. Mohamad Noorman Masrek, Malaysia
Predictors of E-Participation Levels: The Case of Jordan Miss. Heba AL_Quraan, Dr. Emad Abushanab, Jordan
The Development of Software Agents in e-Learning 3.0 Prof. Dorota Jelonek, Poland
Privacy Policy of E-Government Websites and the Effect on Users’ Privacy Miss. Maryam Al-Jamal, Dr. Emad Abushanab, Jordan
E-Government Adoption in Jordan: The Influence of Age Miss. nebal AL-Jamal, Dr. Emad Abushanab, Jordan
Big Issues for A Small Piece: RFID Ethical Issues Miss. Mai Alsebae, Dr. Emad Abushanab, Jordan
The Effect of Using Social Media in Governments: Framework of Communication Success Miss. Dareen Mishaal, Dr. Emad Abushanab, Jordan
A Proposal to Improve Internet Banking Security and Privacy Issues in Oman Mr. Elbek Musaev, Dr. Muhammad Yousoof Ismail, Oman

(0)       + Grid Computing and Applications

(7)       + Information and knowledge Engineering

Paper Title Authors Country
A survey on Applying Ontological Engineering Approach for Hepatobiliary System Diseases Mr. Galal AL Marzoqi, Egypt
Hierarchical Sparsity-Regularized Framework Based Frequency Hopping Spectrum Estimation With Antenna Array System Mr. Lifan Zhao, Dr. Lu Wang, Dr. Guoan Bi, Singapore
Unsupervised Single Channel Source Separation with Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Dr. Abd Majid Darsono, Dr. Mohamad Shakir Md Saat, Malaysia
The Trends and Directions of Wisdom and Semantic-based Search System Miss. SOHELI FARHANA, Mr. Md Masum Billah, Malaysia
Evaluating the Success of Information Strategic System Planning (Two Cases from Jordan) Mr. Qais Hammouri, Dr. Emad Abushanab, Jordan
A Novel Web Application for Image Fusion Prof. Veysel Aslanrtas, Dr. Rifat Kurban, Mr. Ahmet Nusret Toprak, Dr. Emre Bendes, Turkey
Ontology-based Facilitation Tool for Group Decision Making Prof. Abdelkader Adla, Dr. Bakhta Nachet, Algeria

(8)       + Internet and Web Services

Paper Title Authors Country
Privacy and Protection in Electronic Transaction: A Review of The E-Commerce Security Protocols Miss. TAROUB ISSA, Palestine
Towards Building Novel Educational System for School Students Using Smart Phones and QR Codes Dr. Yousef Eyadat, Mr. Yarub Wahsheh, Miss. Reem Wahsha, Jordan
Cross-Language Name Matching for Data Fusion in Linked Open Data Mr. Ziad Torkey, Mr. Emad Elabd, Mr. Mostafa Abdelazem, Egypt
Exploring Domain Interrelations in Freebase Schema Using Modularity-Based Community Detection Mr. Mahmoud Elbattah, Prof. Mohamed Roushdy, Prof. Mostafa Aref, Prof. Abdel-Badeeh Salem, Ireland
The Arabic Language Status in the Jordanian Social Networking and Mobile Phone Communications Dr. Gheith Abandah, Prof. Mohammed Zeki Khedher, Prof. Waleed Anati, Prof. Ahmad Zghoul, Dr. Sami Ababneh, Mr. Mamoun Hattab, Jordan
Similar Searching, Unsimilar Clicking
A Query Log-Based Study of Cross-Nation Perception
Internet-based Troubleshooting and Monitoring System of Industrial Robots Dr. Md Mozasser Rahman, Miss. Sulleha Parnin, Malaysia

(13)       + Modeling and Simulations

Paper Title Authors Country
Multicore RISC Processor Implementation by VHDL for Educational Purposes Mr. Safaa Omran, Mr. Ali J. Ibada, Iraq
Numerical Simulation of Axial Coolant Flow in Rod Bundles of a Nuclear Reactor Prof. Yasser Rihan, Egypt
VeSimulator :A Location-Based Vehicle Simulator Model for IoT Applications Mr. Osama Oransa, Mr. Mostafa Abdel-Azim, Egypt
Numerical Simulation for Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equations Using Reproducing Kernel Algorithm Dr. Omar Abu Arqub, Dr. Hasan Rashaideh, Jordan
Modeling and Simulation of Electroactive Polymer Robotic Actuator Mr. MD MASUM BILLAH, Mr. Raisuddin Khan, Mr. Amir Akramin Shafie, Malaysia
Introduction of Modeling Complex Management Systems using Fuzzy Cognitive Map Dr. Miklos F. Hatwagner, Miss. Adrienn Buruzs, Dr. Andras Torma, Prof. Laszlo T. Koczy, Hungary
UML Activity Diagrams and Maude Integrated Modeling and Analysis Approach using Graph Transformation Dr. Elhillali KERKOUCHE, Dr. Khaled Khalfaoui, Prof. Allaoua Chaoui , Prof. Ali Al-Dahoud, Algeria
Particle swarm optimization and method of moments for modeling and optimization of microstrip antennas Prof. Tarek Fortaki, Dr. Mounir Amir, Dr. Siham Benkouda, Dr. Abdelkrim Belhedri, Algeria
Simulation of Class D resonance inverter for Acoustics Energy Transfer applications Dr. Mohd Shakir Md Saat, Malaysia
Symbolic Modeling Approach in Verification and Testing Mr. Oleksandr Letychevskyi, Ukraine
Design, Implementation and Comparison of Low-cost Laser Scanning Systems for 3D Modeling Dr. Tuba Kurban, Prof. Erkan Besdok, Turkey
Plane Segmentation of Kinect Point Clouds using RANSAC Dr. Rifat Kurban, Mr. Florenc Skuka, Mr. Hakki Bozpolat, Turkey
Instruments of Operator’s Active State Identification

(10)       + Multimedia and Its Applications

Paper Title Authors Country
How Infographic should be evaluated? Dr. Waralak Vongdoiwang Siricharoen, Dr. Nattanun Siricharoen, Thailand
Noise Reduction Algorithm Based on Complex Wavelet Transform of Digital Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Dr. Mohamed El Tokhy, Prof. Imbaby Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia
DESIGNING CHILDREN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA (3D DINOSAUR) VIA AUGMENTED REALITY MARKER-BASED INTERACTION Miss. Anita Mohd Yasin, Miss. Zeti Darleena Eri, Mr. Mohd Ali Mohd Isa, Miss. Adora Endut, Malaysia
Human Activity Recognition for Surveillance Applications Dr. Ahmed Taha, Prof. Hala H. Zayed, Prof. Mohamed E. Khalifa, Prof. El-Sayed M. El-Horbaty, Egypt
A Comparative Study on The Existing Graphical User Interfaces for Occupational Therapy Dr. Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi, Prof. Kambiz Badie, Mr. Shahab Hossein Ahmadi Varnousfaderani , Iran, Islamic Republic Of
New Technique of Forensic Analysis for Digital Cameras in Mobile Devices Miss. Jocelin Rosales, Dr. Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco, Mr. Luis Javier Garcia Villalba, Mexico
Virtual Tourism Application through 3D Walkthrough: Flor De La Mar Mr. Mohd Rahmat Mohd Noordin, Miss. Ismassabah Ismail, Mr. Muhammad Nur Aiman Mohd Yahaya, Malaysia
Enhanced Watermarking Scheme for 3D Mesh Models Miss. Lamiaa Basyoni, Dr. Hassan Saleh, Dr. Mohamed Abdelhalim, Egypt
User interfaces applied to teleoperate mobile robots with keyboard command PS3 and mobile phone Miss. NANCY VELASCO, Mr. Dario Mendoza, Prof. Antonio Barrientos, Spain
vowels as HCI for Controling Mouse Cursor Dr. Mohamed FEZARI, Dr. Nouha Bounouioua, Mr. Ahmed Al-Dahoud, Algeria
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