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Keynote Speakers - Alphabatical order

Prof. Abdel-Badeeh Salem

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Prof. Abdel-Badeeh Salem Short CV
Institution:AinShams University, Egypt
Department: Faculty of Computer and Information sciences
Position:Head of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engi
Speech Title: Exploiting Artificial Intelligence Technology in e-Health

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have been proved to be effective and efficient in developing intelligent systems for many tasks in health sciences. The aim of this talk is to make an overview of some of AI techniques and approaches and their applications in medical informatics and e-health. The talk covers the following applications: (a) expert systems approach for cancer and heart diagnosis, (b) ontological engineering approach for breast cancer knowledge management, and (c) mining patient data using rough sets theory to determine thrombosis disease.

Prof. Anu Gokhale

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Prof. Anu Gokhale Short CV
Institution:Illinois State University, United States
Position:Associate Director of the Center for Applied Infor
Speech Title: Security in Cloud Computing

Security is one of the biggest issues for cloud computing. Cloud enables users to remotely store their data and enjoy on-demand high quality applications and services from a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud security and privacy concerns are arising because user data and applications are residing on providers' premises. This talk will discuss a model that separates data encryption and decryption from data storage by enabling the user to encrypt and decrypt data with the cloud provider storing encrypted data. The merits and demerits of competing security architectures and algorithms will also be addressed. The audience will come away with an understanding of current practices and the research that is currently underway to address the security challenges in cloud computing.

Prof. Hassan Ugail

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Prof. Hassan Ugail Short CV
Institution:University of Bradford, United Kingdom
Department: School of Engineering and Informatics
Position:Director, Centre for Visual Computing
Speech Title: Applied Visual Computing: Challenges and Opportunities

In today's world, visual computing techniques that integrate 2D and 3D image processing, machine learning, 3D graphics and modelling technologies are taking centre stage in the progress of different disciplines. The focus of this talk will be on some of the recent developments in the field of visual computing particularly concentrating on the work being carried out at the Centre for Visual Computing at University of Bradford. Particularly, the focus will be on new technologies for processing large data sets in 3D, visualisation and analysis. This talk will also focus on some of the challenges in the investigated topics and will identify open research problems that need to be resolved along with some future research directions. Biography: Professor Hassan Ugail is the director for the Centre for Visual Computing at University of Bradford, UK. Prof. Ugail has a first class BSc Honours degree in Mathematics from King’s College London and a PhD in the field of geometric design from the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds. Prof. Ugail's research interests include geometric modelling, functional design, applications of geometric modelling to real time interactive and parametric design as well as applications of geometric modelling to general engineering problems. He has completed a number of funded projects in these areas of research and published heavily in these fields. He is also heavily involved in knowledge transfer activities and has several patents on novel techniques relating to geometry modelling, animation and 3D data exchange. He has also won the University of Bradford Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award for his outstanding contribution to research and knowledge transfer activities.

Dr. Mohamed Kayyali

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Dr. Mohamed Kayyali Short CV
Institution:Ongoing for Harvard University , United States
Department: At the HBS (Business Strategy)
Position:Chartered Scientist
Speech Title: What is after image processing!

"Since the last century and founding the concept of CG, image processing becomes one of among the fastest approach in computer vision and wider after the CCD&CMOS. But what people and nations are expecting to see after a decade more-less? What is after image processing, scanning, camera, robotics and all acquisitions? What are the new concepts in relation to physics and geometry? What type of applications we can see in future after image processing?"