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Conference workshops

+ Artificial Intelligence in e-Learning and Education, Prof. Dr. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem

Chair : Prof. Dr. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem

Instructors : Symposium Scientific Committee, , , ,

Duration : 00:00 hours

Workshop Date : 5/12/2015 to 5/15/2015

Logo not found Artificial intelligence methodologies and techniques give e-learning systems added computing capability, allowing them to exhibit more intelligent behaviour. On the other side, the convergence of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, educational technology and web science is enabling the creation of a new generation of knowledge-based tutoring and e-learning systems. The objective of AIeLE’15 symposium is to bring together scientists engaged in Educational Technology, Computational Thinking, Web Technology, Knowledge Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. It will provide a forum for identifying important contributions and opportunities for recent research on the different intelligent methodologies and techniques for developing intelligent tutoring and e-Learning systems.

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+ Consumer Electronics Information Technologies in 21st Century Course or Blessing!, Ali Alao

Chair : Ali Alao

Instructors : Ali Alao - CEO Founder ePromaG Consultancy Ltd, Secretary IEEE Technology Management Council and Communication Society UK& ROI, , , ,

Duration : 00:00 hours

Workshop Date : 5/12/2015 to 5/12/2015

Logo not found We shall explore consumer electronics in the area computer hardware/software and apps i.e. laptops, tablet, mobile phones, GPS navigations, Google glasses, TV set, DVD player, smart kitchen, e.t.c. The Hardware that is mundane to consumers’- Smart cars - Blue motion engine! or low emission automobiles or green vehicle The automobiles of the feature in Britain, the government pilot scheme to testing driverless cars in the UK next year. Bristol, Greenwich in south east London and Coventry and Milton Keynes (illustrated) will all host autonomous driving projects that will run for between 18 and 36 months starting from January 2015 . What are the implications and downside of these modern devices to the consumers?

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