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Keynote Speakers - Alphabatical order

Prof. Rosni Abdullah

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Prof. Rosni Abdullah Short CV
Institution:Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Department: School of Computer Sciences
Position:Director of NAV6
Speech Title: IoT-enabled Smart Campus: Connecting Endless Emerging Research Possibilities

With the current rapid growth in IoT enabled devices, implementing IoT in higher education will bridge the consumer devices onto campus and institutions adopting smart system with endless possibilities. The nexus between technology and education is a smart campus initiative that not just connects facilities, buildings, parking and vehicles but also result in endless possibilities for emerging research.‚Äč

Prof. Thiab Taha

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Prof. Thiab Taha Short CV
Institution:University of Georgia, United States
Department: Computer Science Department
Position:Head of Computer Science Department
Speech Title: Bigdata and the Internet of Things(IoT) Challenges and opportunities.

The IoT faces several challenges including security, privacy, scalability, etc.. In addition, another major challenges of IoT is the processing, storing, and analyzing the large amount of data that comes from so many different resources. On the other hand, the IoT has many applications that are extremely useful in our daily life, such as smart cars, home appliances and security, health tracking wearable devices, weather monitors, etc. In this talk, I will present the challenges and discuss possible solutions.