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Accepted Papers

(7)       + Algorithms

Paper Title Authors
Hybridizing cuckoo search algorithm with hill climbing for numerical optimization problems Mr. Mohammad Shehab, Dr. munadilKfaaeq alsammarrie, Dr. Mohammed Al-Betar, Mr. Laith Abualigah,
A Comprehensive Approach for Validating p53 Binding Site Predictions Prof. Tansel Ozyer, Prof. Reda Alhajj,
Dynamic Search Zones for Harmony Search Algorithm Dr. Mohd Khaled Shambour,
Semantic natural language translation based on ontologies combination Prof. okba kazar, Dr. hamza saouli, Dr. Hind Benfenatki, Dr. samir bourekkache, Miss. Amira Alaoui ,
An Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Robotic Assembly Line Balancing Problem Dr. Zeynel Abidin ÇİL, Dr. Süleyman METE, Dr. Eren ÖZCEYLAN,
An Ant Colony Algorithm for the Parallel Design of Assembly and Disassembly Line Balancing Problem Dr. Süleyman METE, Dr. Zeynel Abidin ÇİL, Dr. Eren ÖZCEYLAN,
A Heuristic Algorithm for Assembly Line Balancing with Stochastic Sequence-Dependent Setup Times Dr. Zeynel Abidin ÇİL, Dr. Süleyman METE, Dr. Eren ÖZCEYLAN, Miss. Zülal DİRİ KENGER, Miss. Hande ÇİL,

(6)       + Big Data and Social Networks

Paper Title Authors
Mobile Network Quality of Experience using Big Data Analytics Approach Miss. Ayisat Yusuf-Asaju, Prof. Zulkhairi Dahalin, Dr. Azman Ta'a,
Community Detection using Network Structure Dr. Ameera Jaradat, Miss. Rula Al_Zoubi,
Is Big Data too Big for SMEs in Jordan? Mr. SHAKIR KARIM,
The Role of Open Big Data within the Public Sector: Case Study; Jordan Dr. Nidhal Kamel Taha El-Omari, Mr. mohamad alzaghal,
Analysis on online news consumption using mobile device and Facebook referral Miss. Husna Sarirah Husin, Miss. Nadiah Ruza, Miss. Lishan Cui,
Big Data and E-government: A review Miss. Zaher Al-Sai, Dr. Nasuha Lee Abdullah, Mr. Laith Abualigah,

(8)       + Cloud Computing and Applications

Paper Title Authors
Cloud Scalable Multi-Objective Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cat Swarm Optimization and Simulated Annealing Mr. DANLAMI GABI, Prof. ABDUL SAMAD ISMAIL, Dr. ANAZIDA ZAINAL, Dr. ZALMIYA ZAKARIA, Prof. AHMAD Al-KHASAWNEH,
BPM approach (Business Process Management) by composition of applications in the cloud computing Mr. sadok lanani, Prof. kazar okba, Dr. hamida souraya, Dr. wided oueslati,
A Mathematical Model for Hybrid-Multi-Cloud Environment Prof. Ahmad Sharieh, Miss. Eman Al-Thwaib,
Trustworthy Framework for Cloud of Things Dr. Thamer Al-Rousan, Miss. Reema Abuserieah,
A More Secure Scheme for CAPTCHA-Based Authentication in Cloud Environment Mr. Ibrahim Althamary, Dr. El-Sayed El-Alfy,
Challenges of Digital Forensic Investigation in Cloud Computing Miss. Safaa Hraiz,
A Multi Agent System for Cloud of Clouds Elasticity Management Miss. Rayene Moudjari, Prof. Zaidi Sahnoun,
Cloud Scalable Multi-Objective Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cat Swarm Optimization and Simulated Annealing Mr. DANLAMI GABI, Prof. ABDUL SAMAD ISMAIL, Dr. ANAZIDA ZAINAL, Dr. ZALMIYA ZAKARIA, Prof. AHMAD Al-KHASAWNEH,

(1)       + Computer Architecture

Paper Title Authors
Design Of Multithreading SHA-1 & SHA-2 MIPS Processor Using FPGA Mr. Laith Fouad, Mr. Safaa Omran,

(1)       + E-Technology

Paper Title Authors
The Antecedents of Trust in Social Commerce (Review) Mr. Qais Hammouri, Dr. Emad Abu-Shanab,

(3)       + Geographical Information Systems

Paper Title Authors
Implementation of mobile Geographic Information System approach Case Study: Medical emergency Dr. hamida souraya, Prof. kazar okba, Miss. Atika Necib,
Development of an iOS application: Altitude Estimator in a Local Area Mr. Abdullah KARAAGAC, Mr. Bulent BOSTANCI,
A layered design approach for mobile tourism Miss. abir hoadjli, Prof. kazar okba, Dr. khaled rezeg,

(7)       + Image Detection and Recognition

Paper Title Authors
Computational Intelligence Approaches for Malignant Melanoma Detection and Diagnosis Miss. Munya Arasi, Prof. El-Sayed El-Dahshan, Prof. El-Sayed El-Horbaty, Prof. AbdelBadeeh Salem,
Fault Detection in Photovoltaic System Using SLIC and Thermal Images Mr. Moath Alsafasfeh, Prof. Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Dr. Bradley Bazuin,
Performance Analysis of Biometric Recognition Modalities Miss. Dyala Ibrahim, Prof. Abdelfatah Tamimi, Dr. Ayman Abdalla,
Weed growth and intrusion detection by multi angle images of vegetable plants using modified SVD Mr. Ramesh KR, Prof. Andrews Samraj,
Neural Network-based Minutiae Extraction for Fingerprint Verification System Dr. Basem O Alijla,
Identification of Tail Curvature Malformation in Zebrafish Embryos Miss. Bayan Alsaaidah, Mr. Waleed Alnuaimy, Mr. Majid Altaee, Mr. Iain Young, Mr. Qussay Al-Jubouri,

(4)       + Information Security and Privacy

Paper Title Authors
Content-Based Access Control in an Online Community Miss. Tasnima Mansoor, Prof. Muhammad Masroor Ali,
Security and Privacy of Personal Data Stored on Mobile Devices Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya,
Symmetric Encryption Algorithm Using Graph Representation Miss. Safaa Hraiz, Mr. Wael Etaiwi,
Attribute Based Diversity Model for Privacy Preservation Mr. Salah Bindahman, Prof. Muhammad Rafie Hj. Mohd. Arshad, Dr. Nasriah Zakaria,

(16)       + Information Systems

Paper Title Authors
E-Learning Models: The Effectiveness of the Cloud-Based E-Learning Model over the Traditional E-Learning Model. Mr. Qasim Alajmi,
An Agent Based Green Assessment System Architecture for Sustainable Practice Implementation among IT Practitioners in University Campuses Mr. Bokolo Anthony, Dr. Mazlina Abdul Majid, Dr. Awanis Romli,
A Model for Adopting Sustainable Practices in Software Based Organisations Mr. Bokolo Anthony, Dr. Mazlina Abdul Majid, Dr. Awanis Romli,
A Variant Fisher and Jaikuamr Algorithm to Solve Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Mr. Tanzima Diba, Prof. M. A. H. Akhand, Dr. M.M Hafizur Rahman,
Determinants of Knowledge Management Behavior among Academics Dr. Mohamed Jalaldeen Mohamed Razi, Mr. Md Habibullah,
Mobile Augmented Reality Application for Early Arabic language Education-: ARabic Dr. Haslina Arshad, Miss. Nurhazarifah Che Hashim, Dr. Nazatul Aini Abd Majid, Miss. Siti Soleha Muhammad Nizam, Mr. Haekal Mozzia Putra,
Understanding the Determinants of Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption in Jordan Dr. yazan alshamaileh, Dr. Dr Mannam Zamzeer, Dr. Hamad Alsawalqah, Miss. Assal Alqudah,
Adaptive Learning System for Higher Learning Miss. Vinothini Kasinathan, Dr. Aida Mustapha,
Knowledge Sharing Among Jordanian Academicians: A Case Study of Tafila Technical University (TTU) and Mutah University (MU) Mr. Ahmad Mtair Alhawamleh, Dr. Amir Ngah,
User concerns about Facebook: Are they important? Dr. Ons Al-Shamaileh, Dr. Anas Aloudat, Dr. Safia Barikzai,
Timely Trust: The Use of IoT and Cultural Effects on Swift Trust Formation within Global Virtual Teams Dr. Shafiz Mohd Yusof, Dr. Norhayati Zakaria, Miss. Nursakirah Ab Rahman Muton,
Modelling a digital graphic novel Prof. ZULIKHA JAMALUDIN,
Examining the Impact of Individual Characteristics and Knowledge Asset Characteristics on Knowledge Sharing Behavior Healthcare Context Dr. Yousra Harb, Dr. Ali Zahrawi, Dr. Issa Shehabat,
An Overview on the State-Of-The-Art Comparison of the Three-Contextualization Paradigms Mr. Khalid Haruna, Prof. Maizatul Akmar Ismail, Dr. Abdullahi Baffa Bichi, Mr. Sani Danjuma, Miss. Habeebah Adamu Kakudi, Prof. Tutut Herawan,
Theoretical Framework of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Business Intelligence (BI) System Miss. Asma Magaireh,
TacTalk: Talking Tactile Map for The Visually Impaired Dr. Nasuha Lee Abdullah,

(2)       + IT and Industry

(8)       + IT Services and Internet and Web Applications

Paper Title Authors
Re-inventing PTPTN Study Loan With Blockchain and Smart Contracts Miss. Haneffa Muchlis Gazali, Dr. Rizal Mohd Nor, Dr. M.M Hafizur Rahman, Dr. Rusni Hassan,
Towards MCDA method based Service Broker for SLA selection in IMS environment Miss. Imane HADDAR,
Personalization in Mobile Commerce Miss. Aalaa Badarneh, Dr. Abdallah Qusef, Dr. Muhanna Muhanna,
Life Savior: An Integrated Emergency Response System Dr. Maria Anjum, Mr. Arbish Akram, Dr. Mariam Rehman, Miss. Hafsa Bukhary, Miss. Hifza Amir, Miss. Rafia Qaisar ,
Evaluating IndexedDB Performance on Web Browsers Mr. Ala'a Al-Shaikh, Prof. Azzam Sleit,
A Study on Customer Online Purchasing Behavior: A Malaysian perspective Dr. Mohd Razilan Abdul Kadir,
WEIDJ : An Improvised Algorithm for Image Extraction from Web Pages Miss. Ily Amalina Ahmad Sabri, Prof. mustafa man,
What Affect True Information Findings from Rural Children Survey? Mr. Abrar Noor Akramin Kamarudin, Dr. Ranaivo-Malançon Bali, Dr. Nadianatra Musa,

(19)       + Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Paper Title Authors
Detection of muscle fatigue using wearable (MYO) surface Electromyography based control device Prof. Taymoor Abdelgaber,
Detection of Bypass Fraud based on Speaker Recognition Mr. Osama Elrajubi, Mr. Ali Elshawesh, Dr. Mustafa Abuzaraida,
Prediction and Diagnosis of Leukemia Using Classification Algorithms Mr. Khaled Abu Daqqa, Dr. Ashraf Maghari, Dr. Wael Al Sarraj,
Online ABC Miner Dr. Fehim KÖYLÜ,
An Automated Scoring Approach for Arabic Short Answers Essay Questions Prof. Ahmad Al-Taani, Miss. Hebah Rababah,
EL-Mossahih V1.0: A hybrid approach for detection and correction of typographical and phonetic transcription errors in Arabic texts Mr. Mohamed Amine CHERAGUI,
Bag-of-Concept Based Keyword Extraction from Arabic Documents Miss. Dima Suleiman,
Evolutionary Cross Validation Mr. Thineswaran Gunasegaran, Dr. Cheah Yu-N,
Cognitive Management Framework for Fog Computing In IOT Case Study Traffic Control System Mr. Mostafa El Baqary, Mr. Ahmad Khater,
Students Performance Prediction Using KNN and Naïve Bayesian Miss. Ihsan Abu Amra, Dr. Ashraf Maghari,
ECG Signal Denoising Using β-Hill Climbing Algorithm and Wavelet Transform Mr. Zaid Alyasseri, Prof. Ahamad Khader, Dr. Mohammed Al-Betar, Mr. Laith Abualigah ,
Classification of Massive Noisy Image Using Auto-encoders and Convolutional Neural Network Mr. Sudipta Singha Roy, Mr. Mahtab Ahmed, Mr. M. A. H. Akhand,
A Novel Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm (BSA) Clustering Based Edge Detection Dr. Mehmet Akif Günen, Dr. Ümit Haluk Atasever, Prof. Erkan Beşdok,
Anomaly Detection on a Real-Time Server Using Decision Trees - Step by Step Procedure Mr. Georges Chaaya, Dr. Hoda Maalouf,
A Technical Reading in Statistical and Neural Machines Translation (SMT & NMT) Mr. Zakaria El Maazouzi, Prof. Mohammed Al Achhab, Prof. Badr Eddine El Mohajir,
Estimating parameters and Reliability Function of General Exponential Failure Model Miss. Kian Qassim,
Cancer Survivability Prediction using Random Forest and Rule Induction Algorithms
Enhancing Prediction on Imbalance Data by Thresholding Technique with Noise Filtering Dr. Akram Radwan,

(1)       + Machine Vision

Paper Title Authors
Vision based abnormal human activities recognition: an overview Miss. Djamila Romaissa Beddiar, Mr. Nini Brahim,

(3)       + Modeling and Simulation

Paper Title Authors
Agent Based Model for Complex Flow Shop Manufacturing Systems with Customer-Related Production Disruptions Mr. Tunde Victor Adediran, Dr. Ammar Al-Bazi,
IOE Solution for A Diabetic Patient Monitoring Miss. sura fawzi,
A simulation model for Crowd Evacuation of Fire Emergency Scenario Miss. Noor Akma Abu Bakar, Dr. Mazlina Abdul Majid, Mr. Khalid Adam Ismail Hammad, Prof. Mario Allegra,

(2)       + Multimedia Steganography and Steganalysis

Paper Title Authors
Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Miss. Nour Kittawi, Dr. Ali Al-Haj,
Chaos-Based Video Steganography Mr. Nirmalya Kar,

(4)       + Network Protocols

Paper Title Authors
Internet of Things (IoT) Communication Protocols : Review Mr. Shadi Al-Sarawi, Dr. Mohammed Anbar, Mr. Kamal Alieyan, Mr. Mahmood Alzubaidi,
Detecting and Optimizing Internet Worm Traffic Signature Dr. Mohammad M. Rasheed, Dr. Samir Badrawi, Dr. Munadil Faaeq, Mr. Alaa K. Faieq,
A survey on Location Based-Services over Cellular Networks Dr. Hani Almimi, Dr. Mohammad Sharif,
Performance Measurement of IP Networks using Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol Mr. Kahraman ZAİM,

(8)       + Network Security

Paper Title Authors
Evaluating Time and Throughput at Different Modes of Operations in AES Algorithm Mr. Mahmoud Alfadel, Dr. El-Sayed El-Alfy, Mr. Khaleque Md Aashiq Kamal,
Online Security Protocol for NFC Mobile Payment Applications Miss. Mayada Al-Tamimi , Dr. Ali Al-Haj,
A Resiliency Measure for Communication Networks Dr. Mariam Ibrahim,
SYN Flood Attack Detection in Cloud Environment Based on TCP/IP Header Statistical Features Miss. Muna AL-Hawawreh,
Review on Mechanisms for Detecting Sinkhole Attacks on RPLs Mr. Mahmood Alzubaidi, Dr. Mohammed Anbar, Mr. Samer Abdulsada Al-Saleem, Mr. Shadi Al-Sarawi, Mr. Kamal Alieyan,
Factors Affecting Keystroke Dynamics For Verification Data collecting and analysis Miss. Dema Zaidan, Miss. Asma Salem, Prof. Andraws Swidan, Dr. Ramzi Saifan,
Simplified AES Algorithm for Healthcare Applications on Internet of Thing Miss. Mariam Khader, Miss. Marwah Alian, Miss. raghda hraiz, Dr. Sufyan Almajali,
The Effects of DoS Attacks on ODL and POX SDN Controllers Mr. Onur POLAT,

(4)       + Online Learning

Paper Title Authors
Learning Environment For Software Product Lines Online Learning Applications Miss. SUHAINA MOHAMED ZAKI, Dr. Radziah Mohamad, Dr. Shahliza Abd Halim, Dr. Nor Bahiah Ahmad,
Form Distribution Algorithm for Online Examination Systems Dr. Hussein Al bazar,
Plagrisim Detection in Learning Management System Mr. Arkan Kh Shakr SABONCHI, Dr. Abdül Kadir GÖRÜR,
Peer assessment in MOOCs based on learners’ profiles clustering Miss. Haddadi Lynda,

(3)       + Parallel and Distributed Computing

Paper Title Authors
Better is the Enemy of Good: Unums – an Alternative to IEEE 754 Floats and Doubles Prof. Thomas Risse,
Trust in Real-Time Distributed Database Systems Miss. Grace Khayat, Dr. Hoda Maalouf,
High Performance 2-D Laplace Equation Solver Through Massive Hybrid Parallelism Mr. M. Usman Ashraf, Prof. Fathy Alboraei Eassa, Dr. Aiiad Ahmad Albeshri,

(1)       + Programming Sensors

(1)       + Satellite and Optical communications

(9)       + Signal and Image Processing

Paper Title Authors
Color-based Structural Similarity Image Quality Assessment Dr. Mohammed Hassan, Mr. Mazen Bashraheel,
The determination of coastline changes using artificial neural networks in Yamula Dam Lake, Turkey Mr. Mustafa Hayri Kesikoglu, Miss. Sevim Yasemin Cicekli, Mr. Tolga Kaynak, Prof. Coskun Ozkan,
Does Thermal and Visible Image Fusion Improves Ear Recognition? Mr. Syed Mohd Zahid Syed Zainal Ariffin, Dr. Nursuriati Jamil, Dr. Puteri Norhashimah Megat Abdul Rahman,
Frequency-Domain Watermarking of 3D DIBR Images Using the Steerable Pyramid and Discrete Cosine Transforms Miss. Wala Etoom , Dr. Ali Al-Haj,
Mutual Interference Mitigation in Automotive Radars under Realistic Road Environments Mr. Md Anowar Hossain, Prof. Ibrahim Elshafiey, Prof. Abdulhameed Al-Sanie,
Truncated Hierarchical SVD for Image Sequences, Represented as Third Order Tensor Prof. Roumen Kountchev, Dr. Roumiana Kountcheva,
Sliding Recursive Hierarchical Adaptive PCA for 3D Image Processing Dr. Roumiana Kountcheva, Prof. Roumen Kountchev,
Sign Language Communication and Authentication using Sensor Fusion of Hand Glove and Photometric Signals Prof. Andrews Samraj, Dr. shohel sayeed, Mr. Naser Mehrdel,
Isolated Iqlab checking rules based on Speech Recognition System Mr. Bilal Yousfi, Miss. Aminah Haji, Dr. Akram M. Zeki ,

(9)       + Software Development Engineering

Paper Title Authors
Personality and Knowledge Sharing Behavior of Software Engineers Dr. Mobashar Rehman, Dr. Ahmad Kamil Mahmood, Dr. Rohani Salleh, Dr. Sohail Safdar, Mr. Aamir Amin,
Secure Software Engineering: Evaluation of Emerging Trends Mr. Adel Mohammad, Dr. Ja'far Alqatawna, Dr. Mohammad Abushariah,
Matching and Retrieval of State Machine Diagrams Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm Mr. ALHASSAN ADAMU, Dr. Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon,
A Framework for Detecting Ambiguity in Software Requirement Specification Mr. Ali Olow Jima'le Sabriye, Dr. Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon,
Dermedys: Android-based Dermatological Diagnostic and Analytic Expert System Mr. Abdul Hakeem Adamu, Mr. Tumilara Akin-Bashiru, Dr. Norsaremah Salleh,
Gathering of Usability Requirements by Saudi E-Learning Software Developers Mr. Kholod Alotaibi,
Design Patterns Detection Based on its Domain Dr. Iyad Alazzam, Miss. Entesar Migdady, Prof. Bilal Abul-Huda ,
A Semi–automated Approach for Generating Sequence Diagrams from Arabic User Requirements Using a Natural Language Processing Tool Miss. Nermeen Alami, Prof. Nabil Arman, Dr. Faisal Khamayseh,

(5)       + Software Maintenance and Reengineering

Paper Title Authors
Software Evolution based Activity Diagrams
A Trace Simplification Framework Dr. Hasan Abualese, Dr. Putra Sumari, Dr. Thamer Al-Rousan, Dr. Mohammad AL-Mousa,
Utility Classes Detection Metrics for Execution Trace Analysis Dr. Hasan Abualese, Dr. Putra Sumari, Dr. Thamer Al-Rousan, Dr. Mohammad AL-Mousa,
Evaluating Maintainability of Android Applications Dr. Ahmad A. Saifan, Miss. Areej Alrabadi,
JavaBST: Java Backward Slicing Tool Dr. Mohammad Abdallah, Mr. Basem Alokush, Dr. Mustafa Alrefaee, Mr. Mosa Salah, Miss. Rana Bader, Mr. Khalil Awad,

(2)       + Software Quality Control

Paper Title Authors
Static Analysis of Android Apps for Lifecycle Conformance Dr. Samer Zein, Dr. Norsaremah Salleh, Prof. John Grundy,
Software Attributes that Impact Popularity Dr. Izzat Alsmadi, Dr. Iyad Alazzam,

(2)       + Software Validation and Verification