Accepted Paper

A Cloud-IoT Health Monitoring System Based on Smart Agent for Cardiovascular Patients Maroua Ahmid;Okba Kazar
Data an Overview of Cybersecurity Threats on Credit Card Companies and Credit Card Risk Mitigation Fajer Almudaires;Mohammed Almaiah
Short Videos, or Long Videos? A Study on the Ideal Video Length in Online Learning Ahmad Manasrah;Mohammad Masoud;Yousef Jaradat
A Survey on SQL Injection Attack: Detection and Challenges Zain Marashdeh;Khaled Suwais;Mohammad Alia
Tubes in the Euclidean 3-Space With Coordinate Finite Type Gauss Map Hassan Al-Zoubi;Tareq Hamadneh;Hamza Alzaareer;Mutaz Al-Sabbagh
On Fixed Points Results in b-Multiplicative Metric Spaces Having Simulation Function Haitham Qawaqneh;Mohd Salmi Noorani;Habes Alsamir
Estimating Lung Capacity in Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients via Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan Data and Machine Learning Mark E. Earle;Mahmood Al-Khassaweneh
On the Edge and Cloud: Recommendation Systems with Distributed Machine Learning Trung T. Nguyen
A Genetic Programming Based Polutant Concentration Predictor Desing for Urban Pollution Monitoring Based on Multi-Sensor Electronic Nose Davut Ari;Baris Baykant Alagoz
Cybersecurity in Smart City: A Systematic Mapping Study Maryam Alamer;Mohammed Amin Almaiah
Optimal Coverage and Bandwidth-Aware Transmission Planning for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Mobasshir Mahbub;Bobby Barua
Recent Intelligent Approaches for Managing and Optimizing Smart Blood Donation Process Shadi AlZu’bi;Darah Aqel;Ala Mughaid
CNN-Based Transfer Learning for Covid-19 Diagnosis Zanear Sh. Ahmed;Nigar M. Shafiq Surameery;Rasber Dh. Rashid;Shadman Q. Salih;Hawre Kh. Abdulla
Internal DoS Attack Detection and Prevention in Fog Computing Asad Ullah;Syed Irfan Ullah;Abdul Salam
Design and Implementation of Efficient Electric Vehicle with Clean Energy Md. Nazmul Alam;Abu Shufian;Riadul Islam;Md. Asraful Islam;S.M. Minhazur Rahman;Minul Khan Rahat
Recent Quality Models in BigData Applications Waleed Hattawi;Sameeh Shaban;Aon Al Shawabkah;Shadi Alzu’bi
Mobile App Development Through Designing Structural Visual Method for Effective Learning Foreign Language Imad H. Tahini;Alex K. Dadykin
Deep CNN Model Based on VGG16 for Breast Cancer Classification Dheeb Albashish;Rizik Al-Sayyed;Azizi Abdullah;Mohammad Hashem Ryalat;Nedaa Ahmad Almansour
Privacy and Security Issues in Cloud Computing: A Survey Paper Doaa M. Bamasoud;Atheer Salem Al-Dossary;Nouf Mubarak Al-Harthy;Rudaina Abdullah Al-Shomrany;Ghaida Saeed Alghamdi;Rawan Othman Algahmdi
On the 0-1 Test for Chaos Applied to the Generalized Fractional-Order Arnold Map Adel Ouannas;Iqbal M. Batiha;Amina-Aicha Khennaoui;Iqbal H. Jebril
Predicting Different Types of Imbalanced Intrusion Activities Based on a Multi-Stage Deep Learning Approach Raneem Qaddoura;Ala’ M. Al-Zoubi;Iman Almomani;Hossam Faris
Business Intelligence Model to Analyze Social Network Advertising Mohammad Hamad Allaymoun;Omer Awad Hag Hamid
Improvement of personal loans granting methods in banks using machine learning methods and approaches in Palestine Mohammad J. Hamayel;Mobarak A. Abu Mohsen;Mohammed Moreb
Development of Security Starting System for Vehicles Based on IoT Tuyisenge Jean Claude;Ishimwe Viviane;Iradukunda Jean Paul;Mukanyiligira Didacienne
Cyber Security Threats in Cloud: Literature Review Roaa Al Nafea;Mohammed Amin Almaiah
Evaluation of Information Security Awareness Among Palestinian Learners Yaman Salem;Mohammed Moreb;Khalid S. Rabayah
Arabic Text Categorization: A Comparison Survey Tarek Kanan;Amani AbedAlghafer;Ghassan G. Kanaan;Riyad AlShalabi;Mohammed Elbes;Shadi AlZubi
User Centric Explanations: A Breakthrough for Explainable Models Ali Hassan;Mansoor Abdullateef Abdulgabber Abdulhak;Riza Bin Sulaiman;Hasan Kahtan
A Text Search Algorithm in Compressed Text Majed AbuSafiya
An Optimal Data Entry Method, Using Web Scraping and Text Recognition Roopesh N;Akarsh M S;C. Narendra Babu
A Comprehensive Performance Empirical Study of the Symmetric Algorithms: AES, 3DES, Blowfish and Twofish Hasan Dibas;Khair Eddin Sabri
Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Ensemble Machine Learning Israa Odeh;Mouhammd Alkasassbeh;Mohammad Alauthman
Accident Mitigation System With Drowsiness Detection: A Machine Learning and Iot With Hybrid Approach Ms. Suhail Razeeth;Rkar. Kariapper;S. Sabraz Nawaz
An Overview of Cybersecurity, Data Size and Cloud Computing in light of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision Fajer Almudaires;M.M Hafizur Rahman;Motaz Almudaires
Capability of a Recurrent Deep Neural Network Optimized by Swarm Intelligence Techniques to Predict Exceedances of Airborne Pollution (PMx) in Largely Populated Areas Gerardo Javier Kuri-Monge;Marco Antonio Aceves-Fernández;Julio Alberto Ramírez-Montañez;Jesús Carlos Pedraza-Ortega
An Analysis on Abrupt Fall of Indian Stock Markets Sadhvi Mehra;Sumedha Seniaray
Finite groups whose every p-subgroup is nearly S-permutably Embedded Khaled Mustafa Aljamal;Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani;Khaled A. Al-Sharo
Modeling Daily Financial Market Data by Using Tree-Based Genetic Programming Davut Ari;Baris Baykant Alagoz
Illicit Accounts Detection Over the Ethereum Blockchain Using Machine Learning Rahmeh Fawaz Ibrahim;Aseel Mohammad Elian;Mohammed Ababneh
A Novel Recommender System Using Interest Extracting Agents and User Feedback Bilal Hawashin;Ayman Mansour;Farshad Fotouhi;Shadi AlZu’bi;Tarek Kanan
Swarm of Drones Using LoRa Flying Ad-Hoc Network Qazawat Zirak;Dmitriy Shashev;Stanislav Shidlovskiy
A Computational Intelligent Analysis Scheme for Optimal Engine Behavior by Using Artificial Neural Network Learning Models and Harris Hawk Optimization Ozlem Imik Simsek;Baris Baykant Alagoz
Cyber Security in Mobile Apps and User CIA Layth Abu Arram;Mohammed Moreb
Properties of Conformable Fractional Rayleigh Probability Distribution Ma’mon Abu Hammad;Iqbal Jebril;Duha AbuJudeh;Yousef Dalahmeh;Siham Ali Abrikah
Designing a Marker Set for Vertical Tangible User Interfaces Geoffrey Attard;Clifford De Raffaele;Serengul Smith
UML Representation of Object-Oriented Design Antipatterns Lidiya S. Ivanova;Danila A. Sokolov;Oleg A. Zmeev
Recent Advances on UAV and Deep Learning for Early Crop Diseases Identification: A Short Review Abdelmalek Bouguettaya;Hafed Zarzour;Ahmed Kechida;Amine Mohammed Taberkit
Emotion Recognition using Electroencephalography in Response to High Dynamic Range Videos Majid Riaz;Muhammad Majid;Junaid Mir
Auditing Linux Operating System With Center of Internet Security (CIS) Standard Wadlkur Kurniawan Sedano;Muhammad Salman
Blockchain Technology for Preventing Counterfeit in Health Insurance Baker Alhasan;Mohammad Qatawneh;Wesam Almobaideen
Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) LEGO Sets in Education Abeer Abusobaih;Martin Havranek;Mansoor Abdullateef Abdulgabber
Impact of Infertility Factors on IVF Success Rate Using Fuzzy Inference System Ayman M Mansour;Mohammad A Obeidat
Water Preservation Using IoT: A Proposed IoT System for Detecting Water Pipeline Leakage Ahmad Abusukhon;Fadel Altamimi
Survey of Denoising Methods for Inertial Sensor Measurements Moutayam Khaddour;Stanislav Shidlovskiy;Dmitriy Shashev;Mainak Mondal
Cybersecurity in Healthcare Industry Khadija Abu Ali;Sarah Alyounis
A Survey of Blockchain Technology in Used Vehicles Market Sara El-Switi;Mohammad Qatawneh
Lightweight Encryption for Multimedia in the Internet of thing(iot) Mohammad Shadeed;Mohammed Moreb
Using YOLOv5 Algorithm to Detect and Recognize American Sign Language Tasnim Ferdous Dima;Md. Eleas Ahmed
Gender Recognition Using EEG During Mobile Game Play Bushra Fatima;Aasim Raheel;Aamir Arsalan;Muhammad Majid;Muhammad Ehatisham-Ul-Haq;Syed Muhammad Anwar
Slant Toeplitz Like Operators on the Lebesgue Space of the Torus Amani Shatarah
Conformable Fractional of Euler Type Equation Amer Dababneh;Ma’mon Abu Hammad;Amjed Zreqat;Bilal Albarmawi;Siham Ali Abrikah
On the Effectiveness of Using Wavelet-Based LBP Features for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopic Images Fatimah Shamsulddin Abdulsattar
Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification of Cardiovascular Disease Data Wada Mohammed Jinjri;Pantea Keikhosrokiani;Nasuha Lee Abdullah
a Survey of Human Face Recognition for Partial Face View Samia A. Abushanap;Ayman M. Abdalla;Abdelfatah A. Tamimi;Shadi Alzu’bi
Empirical Study of Most Popular PHP Framework Hamza Abutaleb;Abdelfatah Tamimi;Thamer Alrawashdeh
Pubic Cloud Computing: Big Three Vendors Ahmad Alkhatib;Abeer Al Sabbagh;Randa Maraqa
Bangladeshi Indigenous Fish Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks Krishno Dey;Md. Mustahid Hassan;Md. Masud Rana;Mst. Hasna Hena
Parameter Tuning of MLP, RBF, and ANFIS Models Using Genetic Algorithm in Modeling and Classification Applications Sam Ansari;Khawla A. Alnajjar;Saeed Abdallah;Mohamed Saad;Ali A. El-Moursy
A Systematic Literature Review of Software Defined Optical Network for Cloud Computing Fajer Almudaires;M. M Hafizur Rahman;Motaz Almudaires
Localizing and Tracking a Mobile Rouge Access Point Lilas Qawasmeh;Fahed Awad
Improving Monitoring Greenhouse System using Smart wireless Sensors Actuators Networ Ali Al-Dahoud;Mohamed Fezari
Modeling the Factors That Influence Digital Economy Services Acceptance Ahmad Althunibat;Basem Alokush;Raneem Dawood;Saeed M. Z. A. Tarabieh;Ignácio Gil-Pechuan
Fuzzy PID Based Autonomous UAV Design for Railway Tracking Emre Güçlü;İlhan Aydın;Erhan Akın
Software Requirements Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithm's Gaith Y Quba;Hadeel Al Qaisi;Ahmad Althunibat;Shadi AlZu’bi
Reinforcement Learning Approach for Disassembly Line Balancing Problem Suleyman Mete;Faruk Serin
A Feature Selection Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System Based on Moth Flame Optimization Arar Al Tawil;Khair Eddin Sabri
Cybersecurity Concerns in Smart-Phones and Applications: A Survey Maryam Abdulaziz Saad Bubukayr;Mohammed Amin Almaiah
Let's Learn With a Jigsaw! Implementing a Unique Collaborative Online Learning in an Engineering Course Shahnaz Alkhalil;Ahmad Manasrah;Mohammad Masoud
Investigating the Operational Dynamics of Different Transportation Modes in Vehicular Networks Elmer R. Magsino
Network Intrusion Detection on the IoT Edge Using Adversarial Autoencoders Fadi Aloul;Imran Zualkernan;Nada Abdalgawad;Lana Hussain;Dara Sakhnini
Reducing Counterfeit Drugs With Blockchains: A Survey Abdullah Quzmar;Mohammad Qatawneh;Sarah Al-Maaitah
Almost, Weakly and Nearly L-closed topological spaces Eman Almuhur;Manal Al-labadi;Amani Shatarah;Sarah Khamis;Nosaiba Omar
A Speculative Execution Framework for Big Data Processing Systems Samar A. Said;M. Saad El-Sayed;Sameh A. Salem;Shahira M. Habashy
Semi-Automated Classification of Arabic User Requirements Into Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Using NLP Tools Karmel Shehadeh;Nabil Arman;Faisal Khamayseh
An Intelligent Arabic Chatbot System Proposed Framework Nagham A. Al-Madi;Khulood Abu Maria;Mohammad Azmi Al-Madi;Mohammad Ahmad Alia;Eman Abu Maria
An Interpretable Catboost Model to Predict the Power of Combined Cycle Power Plants Rafat Ashraf Joy
On preimages of the quasi-treed HNN groups Khaled Mustafa Aljamal;Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani;Rasheed Mahmood Saleh
The Relationship Between Liquidity Risk And Profitability In The Commercial Banks Listed In Amman Stock Exchange Abdul Razzak Alshehadeh
K-Means Clustering-Based Market Basket Analysis: U.K. Online E-Commerce Retailer Tristan Lim
Fixed point of ϱ — ℨ - contraction type mapping in b-metric like spaces Habes Alsamir;Haitham Qawaqneh;Hassen Aydi;Wasfi Shatanawi
Text-independent Speaker Recognition using Deep Neural Networks Seham Nasr;Muhannad Quwaider;Rizwan Qureshi
A Comparison Between Machine Learning Researches That Use Arabic Text: A Case Study of Social Media Datasets Tarek Kanan;Woruod Rathi;Bilal Hawashin
IoT Based Intelligent Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Decision Making System for Health Care Channabasava Chola;Md Belal Bin Heyat;Faijan Akhtar;Omar Al Shorman;Bibal Benifa J V;Abdulla Yahya Mohammed Muaad;Mahmoud Masadeh;Fahad Alkahatni
Mental Models Review for Security and Privacy Policy: An Approach Auwal Shehu Ali;Zarul Fitri Zaaba
Intelligent Security in the Era of AI: The Key Vulnerability of RC4 Algorithm Property Ala’ Mughaid;Ahmed Al-Arjan;Mohammad Rasmi;Shadi AlZu’bi
The Measurements for Optimal Small Cell Base Station Positioning Considering 5G Cellular Network Mobasshir Mahbub;Bobby Barua
Cybersecurity Threats in Line With Awareness in Saudi Arabia Shaima Salah Alhashim;M M Hafizur Rahman
On the Appropriate Methodologies for Data Science Projects Amin Karimi Dastgerdi;Taghi Javdani Gandomani
Current Trends and Approaches in Synonyms Extraction: Potential Adaptation to Arabic Eman Naser-Karajah;Nabil Arman;Mustafa Jarrar
Trigger Support Based on Discrete Cosine Transform for a Detection of Very Inclined Showers in Water Cherenkov Detectors Zbigniew Szadkowski;Krzysztof Pytel
Modeling Individual’s Instinctive Reaction Against Dangerous Source when the Occurrence of Unexpected Contact Mohammed Mahmod Shuaib;Osama Moh’d Alia
Prediction of Covid-19 Patients States Using Data Mining Techniques Tibra Alsmadi;Nour Alqudah;Hassan Najadat
Implementation of Software Product Line With .Net Shafya Abdullah Alshahrani;Doaa M. Bamasoud
Generic Proactive IoT Cybercrime Evidence Analysis Model for Digital Forensics Mohammad Rasmi Al-Mousa
Empirical Investigation of the Impact of the Adapter Design Pattern on Software Maintainability Mohammed Ghazi Al-Obeidallah;Dimah Ghaleb Al-Fraihat;Ahmad Mohammad Khasawneh;Ashraf Mousa Saleh;Hayfa Addous
ROAD TRAFFIC Management SOLUTIONS Ahmad AA Alkhatib;Zeyad Mohammad;Eman Abu Maria
Transfer Learning in Data Fusion at Autonomous Driving Iyad H. Ghaith;Aseel Rawashdeh;Shadi Al Zubi
Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning for Performance Evaluation Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks Siham Zroug;Ikram Remadna;Laid Kahloul;Saber Benharzallah;Sadek Labib Terrissa
Revisiting Knowledge Transfer for Success Enterprise System Project Jamal Hussien;Mansoor Abdullateef;Hasan Kahtan;Riza Sulaiman
Realtime Person Identification Using Ear Biometrics Shahadat Hossain; Shamim Akhter
Industry Standards and Standardization: An Expert Survey on Opportunities and Challenges Girish Chandra;Arunabha Mukhopadhayay
A Conceptual Framework for Representing Business Functions and Their Role in the Quality of E-Banking Services Hani AlNaaji;Abdallah Qusef
A Survey of Image Encryption Algorithms Qasem H. Makki;Ayman M. Abdalla;Abdelfatah A. Tamimi
Applying Test Driven Development in the Big Data Domain - Lessons From the Literature Daniel Staegemann;Matthias Volk;Erik Lautenschläger;Matthias Pohl;Mohammad Abdallah;Klaus Turowski
Remotely Controlled Smart Home System Using GSM and IOT Mohammad A Obeidat;Ayman M Mansour;Tareq Hamadneh;Jalal Abdullah
Eigenvalues of Self Complementary and Compound Magic Squares With an Application in Image Cryptography Saleem Al-Ashhab;Majdi Al-qdah
Management of Shared Customers Through Pool Collaboration in Last-Mile Transportation Amina Antit;Safa Bhar Layeb;Amal Jaoua;Chefi Triki
A Tutorial on Singular Value Decomposition With Applications on Image Compression and Dimensionality Reduction Yousef Jaradat;Mohammad Masoud;Ismael Jannoud;Ahmad Manasrah;Mohammad Alia
Big Data, Classification, Clustering and Generate Rules: An Inevitably Intertwined for Prediction Wael Alzyadat;Aysh AlHroob;Ikhlas Hassan Almukahel;Mohammad Muhairat;Mohammad Abdallah;Ahmad Althunibat
E-Voting System Based on Blockchain Technology: A Survey Sarah Al-Maaitah;Mohammad Qatawneh;Abdullah Quzmar
Extension of a Method for Solving Nonlinear Evolution Equations via Conformable Fractional Approach Zoubir Dahmani;Ahmed Anber;Yazid Gouari;Mohamed Kaid;Iqbal Jebril
Detecting Flaws on Railways Using Semantic Segmentation Mehmet Sevi;İlhan Aydın
Comparison between proposed Convolutional Neural Network and KNN For Finger Vein and Palm Print Hiba Wasmi;Mustafa Al-Rifaee;Ahmad Thunibat;Bassam Al-Mahadeen
Additional New Logical Identities Related to Propositional Logic Nesreen A. Hamad;Maher Nabulsi
Performance Improvement of Heart Disease Prediction by Identifying Optimal Feature Sets Using Feature Selection Technique Asif Newaz;Sabiq Muhtadi
Resolution Representation Based Person Re-Identification for Smart Cities Using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) Jawad Qammar;Waqar Ahmad
Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Motaz AlMedires;Mohammed AlMaiah
Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System Using Fuzzy Logic Mohammad Almseidin;Jamil Al-Sawwa;Mouhammd Alkasassbeh
Cryptanalysis of a Tightly-Secure Authenticated Key Exchange Without NAXOS Approach Based on Decision Linear Problem Zeyad Mohammad;Ahmad AA Alkhatib;Mohammed Lafi;Ahmad Abusukhon;Dheeb Albashish;Jaffar Atwanhxu6+ bz bn
The Impact of the Digital Transformation on Customer Experience in Palestine Banks Firas Abuhasan;Mohammed Moreb
An Efficient Approach for Secure Data Outsourcing Using Hybrid Data Partitioning Sultan Badran;Nabil Arman;Mousa Farajallah
identical Chua’s circuits application using hybrid dislocated synchronization scheme Ramzi B. Albadarneh;Adel Ouanna;Iqbal M. Batiha
Passive Object-Based Video Authentication Using Stereo Statistical Descriptor on Wavelet Decomposition Manar Abduljabbar Mizher;Mei Choo Ang;Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah;Kok Weng Ng;Ahmad A. Mazhar;Manal Abd-Aljabbar Mizher
Mathematical Model of Scheduler With Semi-Markov Input and Bandwidth Sharing Discipline Anatoly Nazarov;Alexander Moiseev;Ivan Lapatin;Svetlana Paul;Olga Lizyura;Pavel Pristupa;Xi Peng;Li Chen;Bo Bai
Machine Learning and Data Mining in Cybersecurty Farhan Abdel-Fattah;Fadel AlTamimi;Khalid A. Farhan
Non-GNSS Navigation Systems in Aerial Vehicles (Multi-Rotors) Mainak Mondal;Stanislav Shidlovskiy;Dmitriy Shashev;Moutayam Khaddour
The Quotient Homotopy Analysis Method for Solving Nonlinear Initial Value Problems Jamal Oudetallah;Ghenaiet Bahia;Adel Ouannas;Iqbal M. Batiha
COVID-19 Diagnosis From Chest X-Ray Images Using Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) and InceptionV3 Nazmus Shakib Shadin;Silvia Sanjana;Nusrat Jahan Lisa
An Integrated Analytical Approach to Mathematical Modelling the Stochastic Behaviour of Software Debugging Phenomenon ‘Mohd Taib’ Shatnawi;Omar Shatnawi
May I Know Your IBAN? Cracking the Short Message Service (SMS) as a Second Factor Authentication for Online Payments Mohamamd Z. Masoud;Yousef Jaradat;Ahamad Manasrah;Ismael Jannoud;Mohammad Alia
Independence Number and Covering Vertex Number of Γ(R(+)M)) Manal Al-Labadi;Eman Mohammad Almuhur;Anwar Alboustanji
Design and Development of an ASP.NET Based ITM Data Center to Support Open Data Md. Rahatur Rahman;Md. Abdullah Al Forhad;Salah U. Ahmed;Shamim Akhter
Usable Tourism Application: Malaysia Attraction Travel Application (MATA) Cheong Suk Fun;Zarul Fitri Zaaba;Auwal Shehu Ali
An Intelligent Prototype for Requirements Validation Process Using Machine Learning Algorithms Hadeel Al Qaisi;Gaith Y Quba;Ahmad Althunibat;Ayman Abdallah;Shadi Alzu’bi
The Effect of Using Cyber Hunt Strategy on Developing the Mathematical Academic Achievement for Jordanian Universities Students Haitham Qawaqneh;Fadi Bani Ahmad;Amjed Zraiqat
A CNN Approach for Skin Cancer Classification William O'Keefe;Boubacar Ide;Mahmood Al-Khassaweneh;Osama Abuomar;Piotr Szczurek
Automated Test Cases Generation From Requirements Specification Mohammed Lafi;Thamer Alrawashed;Ahmad Munir Hammad
IoT Based Intelligent Information-Analytical System Architecture for Water Tank Monitoring Viktor Zhukovskyy;Damon Printz;Nataliia Zhukovska;Maksym Hubach;Hesham Rajab
Graph Traversal-based Solutions for Trip Planning in Public Transportation Graph Faruk Serin;Suleyman Mete;Eren Ozceylan
Properties of Conformable Fractional Gamma With Two Parameters Probability Distribution Iqbal Jebril;Ma’mon Abu Hammad;Eman Nouh;Rahaf Hamidi;Yousef Dalahmeh;Salemah Almutlak
A Survey on Malware Detection Techniques Tibra Alsmadi;Nour Alqudah
Data Strategy and Its Impact on Open Government Data Quality Hania Al Omari;Sawsan Barham;Abdallah Qusef
Optimization of Path Selection and Code-Coverage in Regression Testing Using Dragonfly Algorithm Sultan M. Al Khatib
Novel Control Law for the Fractional-Order Chaotic Duffing Map Adel Ouannas;Iqbal M. Batiha;Amina-Aicha Khennaoui;Amjed Zraiqat;Abeer A. Al-Nana
Light Fidelity to Transfer Secure Data Using Cryptograhy Wassan S. Aldolimi;Adnan A. Hnaif;Mohammad A. Alia
Machine Learning Classifiers for Network Intrusion Detection System: Comparative Study Omar Almomani;Mohammed Amin Almaiah;Adeeb Alsaaidah;Sami Smadi;Adel Hamdan Mohammad;Ahmad Althunibat
Applying the Reconfigurable Computing Environment Concept to the Deep Neural Network Accelerators Development Vladislav Shatravin;Dmitriy Shashev;Stanislav Shidlovskiy
Tor Detection Using a Machine Learning Approach Using Correlation Based Feature Selection With Best First and Random Forest Malak Hamad Al-Mashagbeh;Mohammad Ababneh
Predicting Accounts Receivable With Machine Learning: A Case in Malaysia Thangeswariy a-p Ramanei;Nasuha Lee Abdullah;Pang Tong Khim
Deep Learning Weather Forecasting Techniques: Literature Survey Ayman M. Abdalla;Iyad H. Ghaith;Abdelfatah A. Tamimi
On the Security of the Standardized MQV Protocol and Its Based Evolution Protocols Zeyad Mohammad;Vincent Nyangaresi;Ahmad Abusukhon
Computer Vision Based Skin Disorder Recognition Using EfficientNet: A Transfer Learning Approach Rashidul Hasan Hridoy;Fatema Akter;Aniruddha Rakshit
Using Prefix Reversals to Looplessly Generate O(1)Time Multiset Permutation by Boustrophedon Linked List Eleas Ahmed;Tasnim Ferdous Dima
Design of a Navigation System Based on Scene Matching and Software in the Loop Simulation Ayham Shahoud;Dmitriy Shashev;Stanislav Shidlovskiy
Blind Quality Assessment of Super-Resolution Images Using Relative Gradient Statistics of Salient and Non-Salient Objects Malik Waqar Aziz;Imran Fareed Nizami;Muhammad Majid
Assessing the Usability of Hajj and Umrah Websites Mohd Khaled Yousef Shambour
A Big Data Maturity Model for Electronic Health Records in Hospitals Rania Daraghmeh;Raymond Brown
On the Growth Analysis of Meromorphic Functions Solutions Offinite Logarithmic Order of Linear Difference Equation the Unit Disc Iqbal H. Jebril;Nityagopal Biswas;Sanjib Kumar Datta
A Computer Vision Based Food Recognition Approach for Controlling Inflammation to Enhance Quality of Life of Psoriasis Patients Rashidul Hasan Hridoy;Fatema Akter;Md. Mahfuzullah;Faria Ferdowsy
Daily Forecasting of Demand Orders With Optimal Architecture Artificial Neural Network Learning Models Ozlem Imik Simsek;Baris Baykant Alagoz
A n E learning Portal Quality Model from Al Zaytoonah University Students’ Perspective Mohammad Abdallah;Khalid Mohammad Jaber;Mousa Salah;Mohammad Abdul Jawad;Naji AlQbailat;Ayman Abdalla
Emotion recognition in response to haptic enhanced multimedia using EEG Shams-Ul-Haq;Aasim Raheel;Muhammad Majid
Intelligent Distribution for COVID-19 Vaccine Based on Economical Impacts Shadi AlZu’bi;Qasem H Makki;Yazan Abdul Ghani;Hussein Ali
Diabetes Detection Using Machine Learning Classification Methods Nour Abdulhadi;Amjed Al-Mousa
Comparing the Behaviors of Various Transportation Modes in Vehicular Social Networks Elmer R. Magsino
Prospective Elementary Teachers' Experience With Geogebra on the Area of a Triangle Zetra Hainul Putra;Neni Hermita;Jesi Alexander Alim;Gustimal Witri
Finding the Safest Path: The Case of Yemen Mahmood Alzubaidi;Dena A. Al-Thani